Girls can play football

Women‘s football academy “Žalgiris” goals are to make women‘s football popular in the local community, to participate in all of Lithuanian championships and tournaments with the teams of various age groups and to develop the mastery of young players. Our women‘s football academy is the only academy in Lithuania that participates in both highest Lithuanian women’s A and Ist league, futsal championship and also has a fully developed structure starting from the U5 and leading to the women‘s team. Since the establishment, MFA “Žalgiris” academy tries to achieve its aims and most of them lead to our gained TROPHIES.

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Women's A league
Team rating Played Points
FK Gintra
8 21
MFA Žalgiris-MRU
9 18
FK Transinvest
8 16
FC Hegelmann
8 13
FK Banga
9 6
FK Saned
8 0